10 Reasons for why you need a good website?

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10 Reasons for why you need a good website?

Need A Good Website ?

There has been no stopping for internet user growth and people are experiencing the mobile revolution with the features addition of smartphones and tablets. At this moment Best Website Designing companies in Australia are talking about content marketing, cognitive computing. And businesses can’t be imagined without their online presence. At this moment, if you ask, “Why do I need a good website?”, then the answer will be, “Why not?” It is quite natural to a business have a website in today’s world. If you still want to know what the benefits of a website are, then here are the explanations:

1. Customer habits: Gone are the days, when people would visit your physical office first and then seldom check your online presence. Now the trend is reversed. People will search on internet about businesses in Adelaide or Sydney (say, wherever your office is located). If your Sydney based office has the website and it comes in the visibility of searched keywords, then viewers may click on it for more information.
First, they will view your website. Then depending on the requirement, they may or may not visit your company’s physical address. So, customers are preferring a website over a physical address.

2. Dot Com Companies: There are Dot Com Companies ( http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Internet+based+company ) that operate only on internet. They may not have any office on any physical location. So, for an exclusive online business, you need a good website. And even if you have an offline company, you won’t like to fall short than your competitors.

3. Mobile targeting: According to Google.com.au search, the number of mobile phones in Australia is 30,200,000 and population is 22,700,000. And most people are adopting the smartphones. So, you need to use mobile phone advertising network. But once a mobile user sees your ad, where should he go by tapping on it? Your website. Because that contains your web presence. Without a website, you may not effectively show any promotion on internet. Best website development companies in Australia are aware about the Mobilegeddon updates from Google and they will apply responsive templates and mobile friendly version of your website. Then with a single website, you will be able to target all the digital media devices, specially mobiles.

4. Internet advertising: Just search “shipping companies perth” on google.com.au. You will see the following image:

Google Search results

If you look at the left column of the image, you will see names of the companies with their physical addresses and phone numbers. So, that way, companies are advertising their business on web. In the right column of the image you can find other companies advertising about their business. Their advertising is paid and done by Google’s Adwords . Google can show your business on display network and search network but you need to have at least a website or online page for it. So, you should need a good website before showing your free listing or paid listing on Google.

5. Cost saving: The website saves from various costs of keeping a physical office. The cost of buying a domain, server space and design & development is much less than paying for physical office space rent, paying the electricity bill etc. If you are a prosperous businessman, you will need a good website for cost saving.

6. All day open: Your office may be closed on weekdays or Sunday. But your website will remain open on 24 X 7. That is a good way by which your customers can contact you anytime.

7. Website is the best online presence: On a blog, the design customization is not fully possible. While on a website, you can fully customize your design template and place banner, logo, navigation menu, slide show, footer elements and online application. You can embed content from other online sources, keep cool animations using flash, etc. On the website Contact Us page, you can keep business name, address, phone number, email, online query form and Google Map to track your physical location. So, people will be able to contact you in multiple ways. The contact us page will be more than the contact info on your printed business card.
Product or services can be highlighted using product image, description, customer reviews and online buying option. If you have a shopping cart in your website and provide shipping service, customers will shop your product online. If you have an internet product, then question of shipping is also not needed. Then your whole business will run online. And best website designing companies in Australia will tell you how to have a SSL certificate such that customers can pay online securely for your products or services. You can run web business quite easily.

8. Facts & Queries: Many a times, your customers come to your physical office and ask you their normal queries. Answering to the same questions to different customers may seem very boring sometimes. In case, you have a website, please feel free to keep a detailed FAQ section about your products or services or company policies. Customers, who will visit you from internet, tablet or mobile, may naturally check this FAQ section. Then most of their initial queries will be clear. Dealing with new customers will be easier for you.

9. Social integration: Developers & designers from best website development companies in Australia can integrate social media in your web pages. Your customers can view your updates and new offers from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. If they like any page content, they will be able to share the page using social bookmarking sites. You need a good website with great content, such that your social media posts draws huge traffic towards your site.

10. Word of mouth publicity: If the purpose of the website is really unique or catchy and people find it quite engaging, then online users will talk about your website on various social media and other online platforms.

You can consult top digital marketing companies and they will tell you why you need a good website in detail. Best website designing companies in Pondicherry can help you to get an affordable design.

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